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Sacrificed one element to improve another.

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It’s a plant-based m*lk’s saviour, that supports clean-label positioning.


In our whitepapers, we assess the alternative m*lk landscape, delve into the finer details and ultimately convince you that our enzyme is what you’ve always been looking for.

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Cleaner, clearer
plant-based m*lk

Meeting the needs of discerning, values-driven consumers

Plant-based m*lks are here to stay but the pressure’s now on to meet the evolving needs of values-driven consumers. Oat m*lk in particular has seen an unparalleled rise in popularity, challenging manufacturers to develop formulations that optimise consumer experience.


Fresh formulation ideas

Great leaps forward for plant-based m*lk alternatives

As the plant-based m*lk revolution goes from strength to strength, consumers are demanding even better products. But how does consumer experience influence innovation, and what can manufacturers do to stand out from the ever-growing crowd?


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